Kiki's Place. A place for providing the best care for children and vulnerable adults.

I am a person of Passion. Through out my life, I have followed my winding path. Always eager, I pushed on to where it would lead me. My soul is experiencing that feeling like that moment you end a long road trip and you hear Siri's or Google's "You have arrived" notification.

My destination has become one of providing temporary and / or long term foster care. I feel in my heart that this is what my path has lead to and something that I ought to pursue. With the support of family and friends, we are hoping to bring some light, life, joy into the lives of children who are in need. Helping them through some of the tougher parts in their life journey.

While I feel I have arrived at a decision, I am looking to sponsors to give gifts to help make this a reality. If you can help in any ways, financial, gifts, talents or time, it would be appreciated by every child we can help, as well as ourselves.

We have an urgent need, as we are setting up to take in a sibling group, and we would like to meet a goal of $5,000 raised to improve upon the resources we have so that we could facilitate this group.

Please consider prividing a donation or gift using the venmo QR code supplied on this page.